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Got hit with ATM/Identity Fraud

February 13, 2008

My account got hacked. Someone in Eastern Europe took out $475 ($300 Euros, the ATM max for the day?) out of my checking account, plus 4.75 for a foreign transaction fee.  I immediately called up and shut off the debit card.  I’m not sure if it’s because I used a “dirty” atm in a shady part of downtown, my paranoid mind thought it might’ve been the teller at the bank who was jealous of the $20K I deposited into the account as I took a loan from my folks at 2% to buy a car for my wife.  However, later on I said that I should apply for a loan instead of paying cash as coming across 20K is pretty hard.  I would like to put that towards a rental property.  So anyway, back to the fraud…


I asked them what the solution was as I had “lost” $480 out of my account and had some auto pays for my credit cards coming up.  They referred me to another department that gave me a provisional amount until they investigate it.  You have to ask for it.  I found some good info by googling ‘atm fraud’.