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Why Don’t The Schools Teach Personal Finance?

December 30, 2007

I watched a homeless news show/doc on TV last night and wondered why a mother and daughter who works would stay at a motel b/c they were homeless.  I can’t picture a motel going for any less than $30/night even in the worst neighborhoods of LA.  That totals to about $900/mo.  I live in an studio apt that’s only $850/mo in a nice part of town.  I just cheeked craigslist and found many at ranging from $400 – $600 in LA.  That’s ridiculous, as they have no stove or fridge.  It might be that they don’t have the proper credit to get an apt, but it stated that they had many relatives with whom they spent some time with.  I’m sure one of them could have co-signed for them.

One thing they keep saying is that everyone is about one paycheck away from homelessness and it can happen to anyone.  I keep thinking about that esp now when I’m not getting my regular check because the tenant will move out by tomorrow and this is the worst time to find new tenants.  My property manager said that next time he’ll do a 13-month lease so it won’t end up at this time again next year and instead will be in January – which is easier to rent.

I still can’t believe that personal finance is not taught in school and stuff that you’ll never use like Algebra is taught repeatedly – and I have been teaching and tutoring math and physics for years – I only use it in teachings, never in real life.  The first thing I’m teaching my kid is about FICO score, etc.

I think is an awesome way which is based on the incredible Grameen bank which allows people to help themselves.  I have a hard time with charities as it’s not self-propagating.

I still can’t get over the fact that the homeless lady on the news was spending more than I was per month on rent.  I just don’t get it.