About FYGuy

Hello and welcome to my blog.

I was seeing myself on paper through someone else’s eyes the other day and I looked hideous, um, yucky. It’s amazing how opposite I am on paper to the way I feel about myself or how others see me. It felt like walking by the mirror and not holding your stomach in to accidentally glance at the real you.

I’m an actor/filmmaker in Southern California who’s been in $13K – $18K debt pretty much for the last 10 years. I refuse to ‘get a real job’ as I’m pursuing my dreams. My expenses are about $1400/mo and my income which is coming from a property which I rent out I get about $1300. So, I’m ‘almost independently wealthy’, but also on the verge of being totally screwed if the tenant moves out – like she’s about to right now.

I have a wife and she too is an actor. We’re not planning on any kids, but my goal is to make passive income so I can keep working on my dreams. However, I’ve been living hand-to-mouth and can’t save up anything. Usually, I’m in the hole a couple hundred bucks a month due to unexpected expenses and lack of discipline in sticking to a budget.

Check out my blog and please leave me your opinions. I’ve learned so much in the last year about finances and want to keep growing. I don’t think being an artist and being financially sound is mutually exclusive.

Thanks for visiting,


P.S. When my FICO hits 830, “Yucky” –> “Yummy”. 😉


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