Got hit with ATM/Identity Fraud

My account got hacked. Someone in Eastern Europe took out $475 ($300 Euros, the ATM max for the day?) out of my checking account, plus 4.75 for a foreign transaction fee.  I immediately called up and shut off the debit card.  I’m not sure if it’s because I used a “dirty” atm in a shady part of downtown, my paranoid mind thought it might’ve been the teller at the bank who was jealous of the $20K I deposited into the account as I took a loan from my folks at 2% to buy a car for my wife.  However, later on I said that I should apply for a loan instead of paying cash as coming across 20K is pretty hard.  I would like to put that towards a rental property.  So anyway, back to the fraud…


I asked them what the solution was as I had “lost” $480 out of my account and had some auto pays for my credit cards coming up.  They referred me to another department that gave me a provisional amount until they investigate it.  You have to ask for it.  I found some good info by googling ‘atm fraud’.


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2 Responses to “Got hit with ATM/Identity Fraud”

  1. Roger Says:

    Fraud crimes will continue to grow until the government and banks exploit ID KEY system described on website which will make both signature and PIN systems reliable and foolproof since our current systems fail to deter even average fraudsters and hence will not deter smart fraudsters.

    Fake documents have made our signature system unreliable while skimmers and pin-hole cameras etc. have made PIN system unreliable. We have option to make signatures reliable by personalising them with ID stickers and option to use Card Key Code to make PIN system reliable to make use of stolen and skimmed cards meaningless. By ignoring to exploit this system banks are only letting bad problems get worse.

    ID KEY system will eliminate the need for us to protect our personal and card details since fraudsters will be deterred from misusing these stolen details.

    Proposed ID KEY can be treated as a reliable international ID card because it will personalise signature and PIN number to only the right individuals in any country.

  2. Tyndale Says:

    Tyndale says : I absolutely agree with this !

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