Quest for Passive Income

Yesterday I spent about 5 hours on the website adding amazon’s omakase ad links hoping to get some sort of return.  But I know this will not be an overnight return.  I’ve had this site for years, but haven’t done anything financial with it.  It’s only been about film.

Next I will add amazon ads specific to the articles.  Then I will add the google ads.  I keep documenting these to see how much time I’m putting into it and what the return will be like.

Yesterday, my wife and I decided to try out Jons grocery store instead of Ralph’s.  We went there for the first time a few weeks back and found the prices of mushrooms and other veggies to be almost half if not even less than half of what Ralph’s charges.  I always avoided that store because it seemed so dingy and didn’t seem like they could buy in volume like the other local grocery by our house.  Furthermore, it seemed like a real-life spoof in the vain of McDowel’s in the movie Coming to America and how they are always competing with McDonald’s.
We walked around the cereal section and it actually cost more than Ralph’s esp when they have the ralph’s club card sale.  You could tell by the distribution of the people in the store that no one was in those isles.  When we walked to the produce section, it was buzzing like some street market in China.  Obviously that’s where the savings were.  Same goes for the frozen foods, milk, cheeses, etc – nothing was cheaper.  We found a $3 bottle of wine that tasted better than he $2 Charles Shaw at Trader Joe’s.  It’s called Forest Ville.

Nothing has gone through in terms of balance transfers to bring down the $9K.  I think it’s because of the holidays.  I surprisingly have about $400 still in my account, but rent of $425 is due tomorrow.   And cable is due which is about $25 (we don’t have tv cable, just internet).  And gas $10.

I don’t have enough, but I might take a loan from my wife.  I know what you’re thinking, ‘you guys are weird. That’s so business-like in a relationship.’ But it’s two-part.  One, I don’t want to her to suffer financially as she’s trying not to touch her savings account. Two, I want her to get into the mindset of making money from her money – passive income.  I had to borrow some about 6 months ago (usually occurs when prop tax is due) and I gave her 20% interest.  However, I paid her back within a week, so she made about $3, but it’s still a mindset.

One of our friends makes about $200K a year, but he doesn’t have the mindset to make passive income, so he’s working his life away.  I’ve got another friend who’s much older and has a McMansion and only 3 people live in it.  He’s about 65 years old and still has to work to pay for the extra rooms in his house which he uses a couple of times a year.  I don’t understand the mentality of material possessions, esp huge houses which are not paid off.  It’s not like he loves his work.  He works to pay for the house.  Why not downsize, pay off a smaller house with the value of the current one and I’m sure he’s getting social security.  You can use that for the food and utilities, etc.



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