Hiding From Debt Doesn’t Work

12/30 – 11am – I kind of pulled an ostrich with its head buried in the sand when it came time to find out about the situation with the BofA cc on the 29th. I knew it was due, I only had $130 go through as a payment when the minimum was 390.  Even though I put a balance transfer of 2500, I knew it wouldn’t go through for days even though electronically it could’ve been done in a matter of seconds, but they just want to make you sweat.

Tip: One thing I’ve been doing recently is opening every piece of mail that comes in before I set it down in my pile of ‘to do bills’.  Before I would go weeks sometimes months not opening mail, esp bills.  I guess I figured that I knew the approximate amount and also that I could pay online.  However, one time it bit me hard in the butt.

I paid off a large amount of debt at once on my Discover card about 8 years ago.  I opened the invoice once after that and saw a zero balance due.  So for several months I did not open the invoice.  Immediately after paying off the amount, I got a Discover Cashback Bonus Award check. I signed it and cashed it like I had been doing previously for several years and didn’t think anything of it.

The check actually was not a check, but looked identical to their cashback check and in essence was a switch of my phone companies without a third party verification – SLAMMING.  My friend was living with me temporarily at the and was calling his wife who lived out of the country.  With the phone plan before the slam, he was getting about 30 cent/min, after the slam, it was at $2/min!!!  So needless to say, after a few months, I got SLAMMED!  I wasted hours on the phone with discover and talk.com, but eventually refused to pay for the $2K talk.com bill.  I offered to pay the amount it would have been at the regular rate, but they refused nothing but the full amount they wanted to steal from me.  It affected my credit for a while, but (tip) I wrote a one-line ‘defense’ in my credit report using teenage txt msg lik riting 2 kep da ct dwn as they would only give me about 100 characters to explain all that.

So, moral of the story?  Open every bill before you put it down.



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