8:16 PM – I’m writing everything financial that affects my life or that I think about.   My wife and I got into a heated debate about finances this morning when she told me that she bought a home appliance for $100. I said that you could have the same thing for $25.  We keep our finances separate as we don’t have enough to cover each others’ expenses yet.  We just got a joint checking and savings account, but it’s just sitting there kind of dormant. Then later on in the day I realized why it was bothering me even though she works and she can buy whatever she wants.  It’s that we can do things as a couple like travel to see our parents in completely different parts of the country because we’re always strapped for cash.  I said I wanted to go see my parents.  Usually I can finagle a free airline ticket through some sort of credit card type thing at least once a year.  But trying to get two is much tougher and not possible currently.  So I said that we have to budget for these things.  She said that home appliance was an unexpected purchase. I stated that ‘unexpected expenses’ have to calculated into the budget.  I had to go to the ER and that set me back about $600.  When you’re pulling in about $1200 and your expenses are $1400 and you get a $600 bill – even though I got them to take payments in installments, it was a setback.


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