Chasing the Debt Consolidation Train

This post is from two days ago, I’ll try and be more timely with these.

3:07 PM – I just applied for the HSBC credit card with 0% balance transfer til 12/08. It was kind of confusing. At first it stated that I was approved for a $2750 credit limit, but after putting in all the balance transfers ($150 from my Chase cc and $2250 from BofA), it stated that I will get a confirmation if approved. These cards are so confusing. Why don’t they just speak plain English?

I also have the pending $9K application from Chase (which I doubt I’ll get b/c all these others have been around 2500), so it will be interesting as to what happens there.

If this goes through, then my BofA balance will be $3,960 @ 16.24% – finance charges of $53.56/mo ($642.78/yr). A few days ago it was hovering around $2100/yr. I can’t believe I was spending – not “spending” – but wasting that much money!!! I knew I was, but I never put it down on paper so it’s staring me in the face.

I’ve been wanting a digital SLR camera which would cost me around $1400 so I can take headshots and get it paid back. So, now I’ll be able to allocate these ‘missing funds’ towards investments.

Tip: I also bookmarked all my credit card sites in my mozilla firefox browser in the ‘toolbar’ area so I can see it readily. These cards have funky urls like instead of just accessing it from


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